Phil Grenadier Live


-Regeneration/ Phil Grenadier/ 2022

Shimmer/Phil Grenadier/Fresh Sound New Talent/2014

Playful Intentions/Phil Grenadier/Fresh Sound New Talent/2003

Sweet Transients/Phil Grenadier/Fresh Sound New Talent/2000


For The Unknown/Allan Chase, Bruno Raberg & Phil Grenadier/Orbis Music/2016

Plunge/Bruno Raberg & Phil Grenadier/OrbisMusic/2012


Keep Swingin/Garry Dial & Rich DeRosa/Outside Music/2024

Extra Extra/Jerry Bergonzi/Savant/2023

Reset/Jake Rosenkalt/Bandcamp/2023

Gently Said/ Bruce Gertz/Open Mind Jazz Records/ 2022

8 Pieces for Sextet/ Bob Nieske 6/ Francesca Records/ 2022

You Never Know/ Club D’Elf/ Face Pelt Records/ 2022

Lifeline/ John Stein/ Whaling City Sound/ 2022

Harvey Diamond Quartet Live/Harvey Diamond/ Bandcamp/ 2022

Sculptures Jazz/ Georgi Georgiev/ 2021

Arc Of Time/ Bruno Raberg/ 2021

38 Degrees And Raining/ Chuck McDermott/ 2021

Wistfully Yours/Bob Davoli/Gutbrain Records/2021

Whisper Of The Isolated Ones/Roger Lin/Roger Lin Music/2020

Quintopus/Luther Gray/Bandcamp/2020

Black & White:The Music Of Perry Robinson/Mark Sowlakis 4Tet/Pacific Winds Musical Productions/2020

Medicine For The Spirit/Ra Kalam Bob Moses & The Heart Breath Ensemble/Ra-Kalam Records/2020

Metropolitan Sketches/Giuseppe Paradiso Meridian 71/2020

The Moment/Yoko & Yuki Duo Project/2019

Dedication/Carl Winther Trio featuring Jerry Bergonzi & Phil Grenadier/AMM/2018

About Funk In Time/Jerry Velona/Karunabird Records/2018

Ballads/Paula Cole/675 Records/2017

The Seven Rays/Jerry Bergonzi/Savant Records/2017

Color Tones/John Stein/Whaling City Sound/2017

Dog Star/Jerry Bergonzi/Savant Records/2016

Out Here/Tony Betancourt/2016

Rigamaroll/Jerry Bergonzi/Savant Records/2015

Eepin’ & Beepin’/Bruce Gertz Quintet/Open Mind Jazz/2015

Hot Box/Bruno Raberg Quartet/Orbis Music/2015

Straight/Song Yi Jeon Quintet/SongyiMusic/2015

What Is This All About?/Joao Lencastre’s Communion/Auand Records/2014

Al Dente/Alejandro Chiabrando/PAI/2014

Love Radio/Jerry Velona/Karunabird Records/2014

Bass Dharma/Alison Keslow/Lunartone/2014

By Any Other Name/Jerry Bergonzi/Savant Records/2013

Fast Track/Bob Nieske 10/CIMP/2013

Open Mind/Bruce Gertz Quintet/Open Mind Jazz/2013

Universal Truths/Mark Sowlakis/OceanHouse Productions/2013

Orchestral Aves/Dr. Krishna Raghavendra/Raghas Music/2013

Shifting Gears/Jerry Bergonzi/Savant Records/2012

ReContraDoble/Pablo Ablanedo Octet(o)/Creative Nation Music/2012

Sound It Out/Joao Lencastre’s Communion/TOAP Music/2010

Thank You Charlie, Bruce Gertz Quintet/Open Mind Jazz/2010

Symposium/Brooke Sofferman Perspective/Head Ease Sounds/2010

Blue Room/Chuck Clark/Jazzschool Records/2010

Mark Poniatowski Situation/Mark Poniatowski/Forty Five By Ninety Music/2010

1,2,Free,4/Bob Nieske/Cadence Jazz  Records/2009

American Waltz/3Play+/Ziggle Zaggle Music/2009

Green Light/Alejandro Chiabrando/Blue Art Records/2009

B-Sides/Joao Lencastre’s Communion/Fresh Sound New Talent/2008

One!/Joao Lencastre’s Communion/Fresh Sound New Talent/2007

Naranja/Demian Cabaud/TOAP Records/2007

Fine Whines/Brooke Sofferman/Summit Records/2007

Srivbanacore/Sunjae Lee/Pure Potentiality Records/2007

Blue Note Plays Prince/ Various Artists/ Blue Note Records/ 2006

A New Leaf/Ramona Borthwick/Whaling City Sound/2006

Static/Bjorn Wennas/Beartones/2005

Haikus 11/Leo Genovese/Fresh Sound New Talent/2004

The Sounds of New York Jazz Underground-DVD & CD/The New Talent Jazz Orchestra/Fresh Sound New Talent/2004

First Offering/Rick DiMuzio/Rick DiMuzio/2004

One Stone-Two Birds/The Sofferman Perspective/Summit Records/2004

Herbie Nichols Volume One/Eric T. Johnson/Summit Records/2003

Ascensio/Bruno Raberg/Orbis Music/2002

Chrysalis/Bruno Raberg/Orbis Music/2002

The Green Between/Brooke Sofferman/Summit Records/2002

A Point Of Departure/Phill Argyris Quartet/SandiSue Records/2002

Slowpoke/Ken Rose/Thirteenth Floor Music/2002

Simplicity/Bob Nieske 3/Accurate Records/2000

Eclipse/Matt Gordy Group/Everafter Productions/2000

Hymn To Freedom/Suzanne Davis Quartet/Suzanne Davis/2000

Live At The Acton Jazz Café/Melissa Kassel Quintet/Muse Eek Recording  Co./2000

Eye Music/Joe Mullholland/Rose Records/2000

Stop Handgun Violence/Various(Hootie & The Blowfish)/Rounder Records/2000

Green Upright Piano/Elio Deluca Module/Telepathy Records/1999

The Hang/Harvey Wainapel/Spirit Nectar/1998

My Shining Hour/Patrice Williamson/River Lily Records/1998

First Encounter/Ed Harlow/Fresh Vinyl Recordings/1998

Pentagon/Owen Howard/Koch Jazz/1997

Across The Ocean/Rami Shuler/ABCD Music/1997

The Boston Quartets/Eric T. Johnson/Laugh and Jangle Records/1997

Sojourn/Owen Howard/Koch Jazz /1995

Prince Jazz/Bob Belden’s Manhattan Rhythm Club/Blue Note- Something Else/1994

Puccini’s Turandot/Bob Belden Ensemble/Blue Note Records/1992

Mistletoe Magic/Full Faith & Credit Big Band/Palo Alto Jazz Records/1982

JazzFaire/Full Faith & Credit Big Band/Palo Alto Jazz Records/1981