Shimmer (Fresh Sound New Talent) 2014

Shimmer Cover

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All About Jazz

“Invigorating and delivered with a razor-sharp focus, Grenadier’s spine-tingling solos cast an aura of excitement that prevails from beginning to end.” –  Glenn Astarita 

Boston Globe

“With his stylistic versatility, dark lyricism, and aggressive imagination, trumpeter Phil Grenadier can do just about anything.”  – Jon Garelick

Jazz Da Gama

“…Thus the trio is unique in the many-splendored music that unfolds on music that has been played often, yet sounds so new and wondrous in the re-invention of some of the most beautiful and classic charts. Although the spotlights have been equally distributed during the playing much of this is due to the magnificent virtuoso playing of Phil Grenadier.”  – Raul da Gama